"Who knew? I called, they arrived, it went smoothly from there. Sexy bachelor pad furnished my apartment, weeded through my junk, and got me all set up with a an incredible surround sound and full on entertainment setup! Winning!!!"

- Neal H.


"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I was living amongst boxes for six months. the only item I had unpacked besides my clothing was my television. (does my laptop count?) Kimberlee and her team visited my apartment once. They reappeared six weeks later and turned my place into a home. No joke, it was that easy. I don't know when I would have found the time to do it all myself and thanks to sexy bachelor pad I don't have to!"

- Keith S.


"Before I met Kimberlee, I was hopeless. Like a lot of men in my position, I had a nice apartment in a great part of NYC and had absolutely no idea how to make it even reasonably livable. Taking a bit of a leap of faith, I let Kimberlee do her thing to my place. On a very modest budget, she totally changed the way my place looks and feels. At my recent house warming party, I got nothing but compliments on how my place looks. If you're a guy like me and you're moving into a new place, do the following: 1) accept that you are hopeless in matters domestic and 2) ask Kimberlee and the sbp team for help!"

- Mike G.


"Kimberlee was amazing to work with. She even went as far as helping me weed through my wardrobe (at my request)! She's definitely about presenting you with a great home to live in, not simply something that looks good. The whole experience was easy, enjoyable and on budget. My quality of life has gone up about 200% since, and I would definitely work with Kimberlee again. Keep up the good work of saving interior-design-challenged bachelors from living in lame spaces!"

- Tom G.


"I'm very happy with the way my place turned out. Kimberlee did a really good job of observing my personality and creating a space that suits me. She created a fun and interesting environment. My tastes are modern and minimalist, so she clearly isn't limited by any one style. I look forward to working with her again this spring, and I would definitely refer others to sexy bachelor pad."

- Pat P.


"As a gift to my long distance girlfriend (ok, me too), I had SBP redo my living room in my one bedroom, West Village apartment. As a busy NYC lawyer, I didn't have time to do it right and I wanted the certainty of a set budget. Now it looks bumpin' and the girlfriend thought she "went into the wrong apartment." When she understood the surprise she cried. Thank you SBP!"

- Travis B.


"Kimberlee and her team were extremely professional, understanding of what I was looking for, and prompt at responding to any questions I had along the way. She has turned my apartment into a true home, one that I now keep spotless and maintain at all costs. My quality of life, energy level, and overall mood has increased significantly in the mere 6 weeks that I have lived in my revamped space. One of the best investments I have made was deciding to go with Kimberlee & co. Thanks SBP"

-David P.


"It wasn' My apartment was disorganized, with no personality and was nothing more than a mere "crash pad." However, I simply didn't have the time for change, yet recognized the fundamental importance of having a "home." It was overwhelming.

But after my consultation with Kimberlee, I immediately trusted her and felt comfortable with her approach and vision. Which is important when essentially inviting a stranger to assess, re-design, and transform your personal space. She was sensitive to and understood my brief, needs, concerns, timing, budget, and schedule. To say that I was thrilled with the transformation is an understatement--not only was my apartment changed, but my life changed. When I come home, it finally feels like a "home," which the true measure of success."

-Christina J. (Bachelorette)